Obo Hockey (Full Range)



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ROBO Hi Rebound Size Pelvic Protection
ROBO Hi Rebound Leg Guards L • M ROBO Groin Guard (Male)
ROBO Hi Rebound Plus Kickers L • M ROBO Pelvic Guard (Female)
ROBO Hi Rebound Kickers L • M Cloud 9 Groin Guard (Male)
ROBO Hi Rebound LHP Cloud 9 Pelvic Guard (Female)
ROBO Hi Rebound RHP + Yahoo Groin Guard (Male)
Yahoo Pelvic Guard (Female)
ROBO Hi Control Size OOP Hard On Groin Cup
ROBO Hi Control Kickers L • M
ROBO Hi Control LHP
ROBO Hi Control RHP
Cloud 9 Size
Cloud 9 Leg Guards L • M
Cloud 9 Kickers L • M
Cloud 9 Hand Protector Pair
Cloud 9 LHP
Cloud 9 RHP
Yahoo Size ROBO Helmet Grid
Yahoo Leg Guards L • M • S Cloud 9 Helmet Grid
Yahoo Kickers L • M • S Helmet Chin Cup
Yahoo Hand Protector Pair Plastic Dome Clips
Yahoo LHP Helmet Spares
Yahoo RHP Helmet Sweat Band
Yahoo Chest Pad Helmet Blinders
Kicker straps – front only
OGO Size ROBO Kicker Straps – full set
OGO Leg Guards L • M • S Kicker straps – full set
OGO Kickers L • M • S ROBO Kicker Straps – Back straps
OGO Hand Protector Pair OGO Junior Kicker straps
OGO Chest Pad Comfort Pads
Pad Straps
OGO XS Size Hand Protector Straps
OGO XS Pads and Kickers
OGO XS Hand Protector Pair Throat Guards
OGO XS Chestpad ROBO Throat Guard
ROBO Throat Guard + BIB
OGO XXS GTP Throat Guard
OGO XXS Pads and Kickers Cloud 9 Throat Guard
OGO XXS Hand Protector Pair Yahoo Throat Guard
OGO XXS Chestpad Dangly Throat Guard
Upper Body Protection Size Bags
ROBO Body Armour L • M • S ROBO Stand Up Wheelie Bag
ROBO Elbow Guards Cloud 9 Wheelie Bag
ROBO Arm Guards L • M • S OBO Travel Bag
ROBO Body Amour – Chest Only L • M • S OBO Huge Carry Bag
Cloud 9 Body Armour L • M • S Yahoo Bag
Yahoo Body Armour L • M • S OBO Backpack
Yahoo Elbow Guards
Accessories Size
Lower Body Protection Size OBO Slippa L • M
ROBO Hot Pants L • M • S OBO Smocks XL • L • M • S • XS
ROBO Bored Shorts L • M • S OBO OdourGo
Cloud 9 Hot Pants XL • L • M • S OGO Legguard Keyring
Yahoo Bored Shorts XL • L • M • S OBO Keyring
OGO Smarty Pants L • M • S
Knee Up Protectors Sticks Size
Overpants Pro L • M • S ROBO Straight As 36.5″ • 37.5″
Overpants L • M • S ROBO FatBoy 36.5″ • 37.5″
Cloud 9 Straight As 36.5″ • 37.5″
Training Aids Size Cloud 9 FatBoy 36.5″ • 37.5″
Bobbla Balls (pack of 12) Yahoo Straight As 34″
D’Flecta Mat
Flica Stick

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